GP Stakes

Minority ownership in private equity general partnerships (GPs).

Example General Partnerships
GP Stakes Investing
GP Stakes Investing
The most defensive way to invest in private equity

For Qualified Clients
($5M+ of investments per SEC guidelines)
High cash flow + Long Term Growth
Historical Industry Returns: 20%+ IRRs

Sources of Returns:

1. Contractual Management Fees
2. Carried Interest of All GP Funds
3. Balance Sheet Returns (co-investment)
4. Enterprise Value Appreciation

The information discussed herein is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on, for investment, tax, legal or accounting advice. The contents of this presentation are not provided regarding your specific investment objectives, financial situation, tax exposure or particular needs. Nothing presented should be used as the basis for making any specific investment, business or commercial decision.

GP Stakes investing is buying into the general partnerships (GPs) of private equity (PE) firms.

It effectively allows us to become partners of some of the world's most successful private equity firms.

While traditional PE investments focus on investing in a fund that buys private companies, GP Stakes investing flips the script by investing in the private equity firms themselves.

This allows us to share in the same economics as the private equity partners, who have amassed substantial wealth from ownership in their PE firm.

The general partnership of a large private equity firm is one of the best business model ever created. We're thrilled to be part owners of these firms.

**Qualified Purchasers** 
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