Why REITs?

Investing in high-quality real estate portfolios with strong balance sheets, run by elite management teams delivers outsized returns with lower risk.
Evergreen Income
REITs are required to pay out 90% of their net income to shareholders in the form of dividends. Historically, REITs have proven to generate high and growing yields. This generates growing, recurring income that helps investors to stop obsessing over the seemingly random ups and downs of the market.
Diversification & High Returns
Low correlation with other stocks and bonds. Higher risk-adjusted returns. An investment in Evergreen's portfolio of REITs provides ownership interest in thousands of Class A, income-producing properties. These are diversified by property type, geography and management team.
Inflation Hedge
As a “hard asset” real estate has historically provided investors with a hedge against inflationary pressure. As interest rates and inflationary pressure increase, commercial real estate owners can raise rents to offset the negative impacts of inflation.
By owning real estate securities you are provided the daily pricing, liquidity and transparency not found in private real estate. Buying and selling can happen in moments vs. months or years, providing the flexibility to capitalize on changing market conditions.

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